Little Miss “S” @ 9 Months – Jan., 2013

Miss “S” is one of my “Baby’s First Year” clients. She was born very close to the date my little man was born.  This little girl has so many facial expressions, and her eyes are always sparkling with mischief!

Since it was so cold outside, we decided to do half of her shoot inside a library!






Newborn Baby “C” – January, 2013

This sweet little man was almost two weeks old by the time we had the opportunity to take his pics.  And, he was wide awake!  Momma had to work with him a lot to get him to sleep.   His skin was just so beautiful!  I absolutely love the way he was looking up at his big brother. Those two are going to be best buddies!






Blogging Hiatus

The Fall season was a whirlwind for my photography business. I am so blessed by my new and returning clients!  However, due to my jam-packed schedule, my blog took a back seat to photo shoots, editing, and of course, family time/the holidays.

I’m happy to say that I am now returning from my “blogging hiatus” and will be posting photos from my latest photo shoots, beginning in 2013.

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Baby “J” 3 Months – August, 2012

I wasn’t sure if this photo shoot was going to happen! We had to reschedule due to weather, and then we almost rescheduled again due to a pending thunderstorm.  Luckily, we dodged the rain clouds and were able to capture some cute pics of this little man! I just love the one where “J” is in deep thought (not impressed)…